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OVC 2011 Call For Proposals

The Open Video Alliance in association with The Institute for Information Technology at New York Law School are now accepting proposals for this year’s Open Video Conference. We want to hear your ideas!

What Kind Of Proposals Are You Looking For?

Do you have ideas about how to make web video better? Do you want to convene the smartest people working in technology, policy, and the creative arts to solve a big problem? If so, you’re probably the right person to lead a session at OVC 2011 in New York. We’re looking to assemble 16 hands-on working groups to advance the open video movement.

Maybe you’re working on a killer piece of software that will revolutionize online video. Maybe you’re working on a groundbreaking documentary that uses the web in new and interesting ways. Maybe you’re working on a policy proposal that will make more voices heard in the new media environment.

What have you learned in the process? What would make online video more participatory, more generative, more dynamic? How can we harness the potential of online video to bring new tools of creative and political expression to a mass audience?

What’s your idea? We want to hear it. The deadline is May 31st.

What Do You Mean By ‘Open Video’?

In the narrowest technical sense, open video is the idea that basic video technologies must be available in free and open source implementations. But more than that, open video is a vision for a participatory medium, in which individuals are empowered to wield video to share their message as powerfully as they can with text. For its potential to be fully realized, online video must be a dynamic medium that invites clipping, archival, remix, collage, repurposing, and other transformations that are currently inhibited by law or by lack of tools.

Do You Provide Funding?

We will award travel grants to the most promising sessions, in accordance with need and other factors. Since OVC is a non-profit event, we kindly ask that you seek funding from your company or institution before accepting a travel grant.

We accept proposals on a rolling basis, but we will be in touch no later than June 21st. Questions? Let us know! Write to We look forward to seeing you this Fall!


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  1. Melton says:

    I love shooting video conferences. I do charity work every few months and a lot of people ask to use my facility to host an event or a meeting and I let them use my video conferencing equipment. I just wish the whole world works like this!!

    Brett Melton

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