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Checking in with OVC Attendee Mr. Doob

There are a lot of great folks already registered to attend this year’s Open Video Conference. One of the guests we’re excited to see is Mr. Doob. You’ve probably seen his work in visual projects for the Web, including last year’s personalized, Web-based video project for Arcade Fire, The Wilderness Downtown. We caught up with Mr. Doob to ask him a few questions about his past work and what he’s excited to dive into.

When did you start hacking with WebGL?

I think around October last year. Before then I had been toying with software rendering for some years and before that I spent many years creating content for DirectX/OpenGL realtime demos.

Which one of your projects was your favorite to work on, and why?

Probably ROME. The whole process was very similar to doing realtime demos so I had a lot of tricks and knowledge I could use. However, we had to do a lot of things from scratch and the experience was a bit intense.

Who would you want to collaborate with on a future project?

With the whole internet!

What developments are you looking forward to in the open web/video space?

Adoption of the WebM format by Microsoft and Apple. Alpha channel support would be good too, and being able to access the user’s webcam.

Mr. Doob is just one of the awesome people attending this year’s OVC who will be lending their expertise to our outcomes-oriented sessions. Register today to get access to all conference sessions and activities, where there will be lots of great opportunities to network with cool people like Mr. Doob.

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