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Google joins as supporter of OVC 2011

It’s our pleasure to announce that Google has joined as a supporter of the 2011 Open Video Conference.

As a fully non-profit event, support from companies like Google is vital to OVC. This support helps us build a forum to explore the challenges of open video—and makes possible the Open Media Developers working group, addressing foundational technology needs in the HTML5 specification.

Google is an important voice in standards-setting and has long supported dialogue in key areas of open video:

HTML5 and accessibility — for years, web media has been poorly accessible. HTML5 and new web technologies offer the promise of universally accessible media.

Royalty-free video — Recent major contributions to the open video ecosystem include royalty-free video through the WebM initiative and real-time communications in the browser through WebRTC.

The open web promises a world in which anyone can be a broadcaster and gain access to a galaxy of online media. In this world, people are empowered to take part in civic debates like never before, and can share their experiences and perspectives with people around the world.

There are major opportunities here to advance our shared objectives: a more open, generative, participatory kind of online video. We look forward to working with Google on this year’s event.

If you haven’t yet signed up for the conference, please visit our registration page.

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