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“Life in a Day” Screening at OVC 2011

Life in a DayWe’re happy to announce a screening of user-powered documentary “Life in a Day” at the 2011 Open Video Conference.

“Life in a Day” is the first major release completely driven by crowdsourced footage. To assemble the film, Academy Award-winning director Kevin MacDonald joined with executive producer Ridley Scott and a massive list of co-directors – all from a pool of international YouTube users that supplied over 4,500 hours of footage.

The documentary, which arose in part as a celebration of YouTube’s fifth anniversary, asked users to capture July 24, 2010, through the lens of three questions: “What do you love? What do you fear? What’s in your pocket?” Submissions ranged from user uploads to snail-mailed video cards, the latter returning from 400 cameras mailed out to filmmakers in the developing world.

With over 80,000 submissions, the film required an unusual editing process as well. Editor Joe Walker and MacDonald assembled a multi-lingual team of screeners who took months to organize and rate the submitted content. MacDonald sat down with 300 hours of selected footage – still far more raw video than the average feature film – to begin structuring a narrative for the 90-minute finished product.

While “Life in a Day” saw a traditional summer 2011 theatrical release, YouTube live streamed the Sundance Film Festival premiere, which 26 of the contributing filmmakers attended. The premiere was later rebroadcast on YouTube for international timezones and subtitled in 25 languages.

We’re looking forward to bringing you this uniquely collaborative film experience at OVC 2011. We’ll be screening the film on Saturday, September 10th at New York Law School.

Visit our registration page to sign up for the conference.

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