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OVC 2011: Building a Better Remix Maker

Earlier today, we introduced Jonathan McIntosh’s lightning talk, which comes emerges from his OVC 2010 remix of Donald Duck and Glenn Beck, “Right Wing Radio Duck.” Jonathan will also be one of the session leaders heading up the working group Making a Remix Maker, scheduled for Saturday at 10:30.

Jonathan will join Martin Leduc and Boaz Sender in a working group focused on building intuitive, accessible open source tools to make remixing easier. This session builds on the “Gendered Advertising Remixer Application” (GAR), created by Jonathan and Kaltura at last year’s OVC.

The GAR used drag-and-drop interface to allow users to easily participate in one focused remixing task – swapping the audio and video of toy ads directed at boys or girls. The project uses remixing to highlight the stereotypically gendered approach of ads directed at young children, and importantly opens up this investigation to all kinds of remixers, whether or not they’re familiar with digital video editing tools.

Making remix accessible is important because, as the session leaders highlight, “Making video remixes involves a lot of skills that have nothing to do with editing.” A critical eye for media and a sense of the underlying, potentially surprising themes and connections between disparate pieces of media is as essential for creating an incisive video remix as technical skill.

This session will also open up a discussion about the future of remixes — including the possible downsides of making simple tools such as the loss of important tech skills in the remix community, or the potential for the commodification of remix culture. This session will be a valuable place for remix artists, media critics, designers, coders, and many others with a stake in remix culture to share their perspectives.

We’re really excited to see the results of this session. Registration for OVC 2011 ends today, so be sure to register now.

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