Hack labs

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Join us at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program for an all-day open space gathering for innovators of all stripes. Meet and collaborate with conference attendees, HTML5 developers, transmedia storytelling experts, and more. Among the planned activities:

  • Make interactive HTML5 video using WebMadeMovies technology like popcorn.js
  • Map out a transmedia strategy for your content
  • Build a custom HTML5 player for your site
  • Create robust video sites using the free+open source Kaltura CE 2.0 self-hosted software stack
  • or just grab a room and hack on your project!


OVC hack labs are free and open to the public.


FOMS Workshop: October 3-4


Since 2007, FOMS has created a forum where open media developers can push the boundaries of existing technology—and exceed them. FOMS is a task-oriented developer meeting. At FOMS, developers and tinkerers of all stripes gather to collaborate, code, and lay plans for future open video technologies.

FOMS is for individuals and organizations that work on open audio and video software, specifications, and implementations. This year, FOMS will have a special emphasis on the new WebM format announced by Google, Mozilla, and Opera. We will identify and close technology gaps to help progress WebM towards a baseline codec solution for HTML5.

FOMS is highly technical and very hands-on, so it’s not for casually interested parties. Learn more.

FOMS registration is not included in OVC registration. Attendees should register separately at http://www.foms-workshop.org/.