HTML5 Remix Maker

Session Type: Creative

Session Category:

Working Group

Session Leaders:

Jonathan McIntosh,
Rebellious Pixels

Martin Leduc, remixer

Boaz Sender, Bocoup

Key participants
Rick Waldron, Bocoup
Francesca Coppa, OTW
Zohar Babin, Kaltura
Elisa Kreisinger, Pop Culture Pirate

Day: Saturday
: W320
Time: 10:30am – 1:30pm

Session Notes

We’re making the art of video remixing more accessible by building intuitive open source remixer tools.

Making video remixes involves a lot of skills that have nothing to do with editing
software. Great video remixes come from people with an eye for the unspoken
conventions of movies and TV – people who can watch separate pieces of media and
find connections between them that are not immediately obvious.

It would be great to open up video remixing to folks who have a lot of insight into
the media but who don’t necessarily have time to learn to use editing software.
Jonathan McIntosh and Kaltura managed to do this at last’s year OVC when they built
the “Gendered Advertising Remixer Application” (GAR).

The GAR is a simple drag-and-drop tool that lets users dissect the gender stereotypes
in toy ads by remixing those stereotypes for themselves. The GAR lets you swap the
audio and video of ads directed at young girls with those directed at young boys (and
vice versa). The resulting remixes are consistently hilarious, and they always unveil the
disturbingly consistent gender stereotypes that advertisers aim at children.

We want to make more tools like this one. We want these tools to be open source, and we
want to make them with HTML5 and the <video> tag—enabling more experimentation
with cloud-based remixing tools.

While the worth of easy-to-use tools may be obvious, we will also be discussing the
potential problems: the commodification of remix and the loss of many of the hacking
and coding skills that have been previously fundamental to remix culture.

This session brings together video remix artists, media critics, designers, coders, and
other technologists with the aim of building some great new video remixing applications.

One objective of this session is to build an HTML5 sequencer, enabling developers to
build things like GAR using only open web technologies. Another is to explore how fan
archiving and other infrastructure can foster a new generation of remixers.

We’re also building some entirely new applications; ones that aim to maximize creativity
and minimize barriers to participation. These kinds of projects are super fun to get
involved in, so we hope to get lots of creative people to participate. Let’s bring people
one click away from remixing the media for themselves!


Develop tools that make remix easy for everybody.