Is The Web Safe for Expression? DNS Filtering, Subpoenas, and Other Government Spectres

Session Type: Discussion
Session Category: Policy
Session Leaders: Jillian York & Richard Esguerra (EFF)

Day: Sunday
Time: 11:30—1:00pm

Session notes


This session will be an open discussion on safety and free expression online and will be flexible, depending on the interests of attendees. We will ask participants to share any specific online safety concerns they have, and will also outline barriers to free expression facing netizens both in authoritarian countries and in democracies, including filtering/blocking of websites, defamation suits, user data requests on social networks, and more.

We hope to attract a diverse group of participants, who will identify specific concerns toward online safety in the areas or locales in which they work; the discussion will then revolve around mitigating barriers to free expression. Participants are encouraged to bring with them concerns or examples they’ve come across. We also encourage tool developers to attend and share their unique knowledge.