Open Media Software Developers Plenary

Session Notes

Session Type: Working group
Session Category: Open Media Developers
Session Leader: Silvia Pfeiffer (Google)

Room: Faculty Commons
Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm
Day: Saturday


This is the introductory plenary of the Open Media Developers track. We will welcome all open media software developers that are present, have a round of introductions so we all know who we can talk to about our tropics of interest, and determine what our expectations are for take-aways from the conference.

This session will be held on the first day and will be fairly short to allow us to move on into the more specialised technical sessions.


This session will introduce the software projects that are represented at OVC and gather expectations of the attendees.

In particular we will determine if the topics that are covered in the sessions of this track are sufficient or if it makes sense to add more sessions on particular topics of interest to participants.