Video Archives: Life After Production

Session Type: Working Group
Session Category: Technology
Session Leaders:
Peter Pinch –
WGBH Interactive and Open Vault

Nan Rubin –
Community Media Services, Preserving Digital Public Television

Other Participants:

Nicole Martin –
Archivist, Human Rights Watch, Formerly at Democracy Now!

Chris Lacinak – AV Preservation Solutions

Day: Saturday
Room: W302
Time: 2:30pm – 5:30pm

Session Notes


Now that you are a successful producer, your work is starting to pile up.  How do you organize it so you can manage the growing number of files?  If you want to share any of your brilliant materials on-line, how do you present it so people can find it?  What options can help you serve it up so people can use it?  And once they are using it, how do you get their feedback to make your content even more findable and usable?

This session will outline how to extend the life-cycle of your programs and help you understand how to make them ‘discoverable,’ findable, and increasingly usable over time.   Particular focus on –

  • Cataloging and metadata (PBCore and other schema)
  • Case studies
  • Practical steps and problem solving
  • Resources and tools

Bring your technical questions, metadata problems and archive questions, along with sample catalog records and experiences to share.


The session will provide an opportunity for hands-on problem-solving on video archive issues relating to long-term access and use, with examples of diverse use-cases and introduction to many tools and resources in the field. The goal is to help provide the means for producers to create an appropriate archive and access plan for their own videos.