Scalable HTML5 Players Skill Share

Session Type: Hacking
Session Category: Technical, Creative
Session Leader: Michael Dale (Kaltura)

Day: Sunday
Time: 11:30am – 1:00pm
Room: W302

Session Notes


This workshop will provide a space to share tips and tricks for building scalable HTML5 players. We will visit topics such as:

  • Solutions for dynamic compressed delivery of player plugins and associated javascript,
    css and image assets.
  • The emerging trend of iframe based player encapsulation and associated trade offs and benefits.
  • Tips and tricks for dealing with iPad and other device constraints will be shared.
  • We can look at contemporary video encoding derivative sets beyond the simple three file output of mp4, webm and ogg and how user agent detection, Apple adaptive streaming, and user interfaces components can work together to improve video experiences per the clients video decoding capabilities.

The above list is not complete. In the workshop itself developers will share issues they face while developing integrated HTML5 players and we will share scalable solutions for addressing these challenges.


The most likely outcome of this session is an improved awareness of the capabilities of HTML5 video and a more in-depth understanding of the little tricks that can be applied to satisfy media publisher needs. Code snippets will be developed that could even form the basis of a “best practices” collection.