Standards for HTTP Adaptive Streaming

Session Type: Working group
Session Category: Open Media Developers
Session Leader: Silvia Pfeiffer (Google), Frank Galligan (Google)
Day: Sunday
Room: Faculty Commons
Time: 11:30pm – 1:00pm

Session Notes


One of the most popular features of modern Flash players is the ability to adapt the bitrate of the streamed video to the available bandwidth, also called HTTP adaptive streaming. HTML5 browsers (with the notable exception of Safari, which supports Live Streaming) do not yet suport this feature because it has not been standardised yet in a codec-independent manner.

ISO/MPEG have developed the DASH specification, which may be applied in a codec-independent manner and therefore be a good option for HTML5.

While there are several solutions for HTTP adaptive streaming of MPEG video, none has been released for WebM, nor a standard set that works across media formats.

Experiments have been run in several frameworks for WebM to see how it can work in comparison to MPEG. This session gives the developers an opportunity to report on their experiences and to discuss how to move forward for standardisation across browsers and codecs.


This session will give developers the opportunity to discuss their experiences with different approaches to HTTP adaptive streaming and allow to come to a conclusion as to what approach may be the best to propose for HTML5.