Video and OER working group

Session Type: Discussion and Action groups (invitation only)
Session Category: Education
Session Leader: Participatory Culture Foundation

Day: Sat+Sun, continuous
Time: Participatory Culture Foundation
Room: W403

Session Notes


Millions of dollars are currently being spent on open education initiatives, with video oriented projects at the front of the line. A recent article profiled over 100 online education websites, encompassing everything from for profit degree programs to international non-profit development solutions pushing free education for all. While sites like Khan Academy and TED reinvent what education can mean with their video content and healthy community engagement, many universities have been experimenting with providing “access” to formerly sequestered course lectures.

In recent years, universities have wised up to the benefits of this one way openness, gathering that more people consuming their content strengthens their brand as well as building a better world. Many universities want to provide better opportunities for engagement to build stronger curricula, but aren’t sure where to start. There are still wide gaps in universities’ ability to develop innovative educational materials for those outside their walls, and in their willingness to incorporate outside video material into their curricula for help their students more fully engage with the wide range of resources available to them. Meanwhile the wide world of educational start-ups may find themselves re-inventing the wheel, and missing out on excited groups of learners within university walls.

This session will be an in-depth conversation between the key players in this realm, bringing them together to discuss the potential for collaboration and innovation. Together, they will determine the most productive set of goals for increasing the value they all bring to the world of open education.


Plans for collaboration and best practices to develop more integrated learning possibilities.

If you are actively involved in open education and would like to participate, please email anne[at]