Fun with WebGL, The audio API, and more

Session Type: Hacking
Session Category: Technical, Creative
Session Leader: Robert Richter, Brian Chirls, Mr. Doob, Corban Brook, Charles “CJ” Cliffe

Day: Saturday
Time: 2:30pm – 4:00pm
Room: Faculty Commons

Session Notes


Modern web broswers can make some amazing audiovisual candy, through new capabilities like HTML5, fast Javascript, and WebGL. All these capabilities point to untapped creative possibilities—though we’re starting to see some really cool web-native cinema, like Google Creative Lab’s Three Dreams of Black and NFB’s 1 Millionth Tower; and in a burgeoning WebGL gaming community. In this session, members of the web demoscene and creative communities will take turns showcasing their cool hacks and proofs-of-concept. Stuff like 3D and physics, beat detection, video processing, chromakey and lumakey, and more. Free form discussion, and possibly hacking, will follow.


Creative technologists at OVC will get to know each other, and hopefully plot future collaborations. Other participants will be wowed by what you can do in a web browser these days.