The Many Faces of Open

Session Type:
Session Category:
Policy, Technical
Session Leader:
James Grimmelman (NYLS)

Day: Saturday
Time: 12:00 – 1:30pm
Room: W302

Session Notes


The Many Faces of Open (an open discussion session)

“Open” has many meanings for video. At the legal level, it can refer to the different licenses under which video content is available to be reused and remixed. At the production level, it can refer to making available the raw footage and component elements that go into a finished piece of video, so that other can reassemble the parts in different ways. At the tools level, it can refer to open-source video capture and editing software, so that anyone who wants to make video can. At the distribution level, it can refer to freely available platforms and community-run sites that provide the channels for anyone’s video to flow. At the encoding level, it can refer to nonproprietary video standards that leave. At the device level, it can refer to the absence of DRM, to user-modifiable firmware, and to inexpensive DIY kits. All of these flavors of “open” — and more — are important in an open video ecosystem.

This session will bring together video hackers from all layers of the stack, from hardware to software to legal to political, for an open-ended discussion on how these different meanings of “open” relate to each other. We will ask how openness in one form can support openness in others, how community moderators and system designers should think about openness in the large, and about tradeoffs and interactions among different forms of openness. The group will work towards populating a wiki page with a Taxonomy of Open: a quick guide to help new community members learn about the many faces of “open.” James Grimmelmann from New York Law School will facilitate.