June 19-20, 2009 • NYU

"This conference is about building and protecting the underlying architecture for the emerging online video medium. But it's also about exploring the future of the internet. As video becomes a preferred mode of communication, it's increasingly important that video devices and content aren't locked down. The open web is still in its infancy, and there are unimaginably cool things coming down the pipeline."

Oct 1-2, 2010 • FIT

"We need to ensure that creativity is compensated; that the tools for making and watching video are accessible and widely distributed; that the network for delivering video is open to all producers, and that public policy supports massive numbers of people participating in the media. Basic literacy now demands that it's just as easy to make and share video as it is to consume video."

Sep 10-12, 2011 • NYLS

"We've seen big shifts in network policy, broad transformations in public life, and constant changes in technology. The media is more read/writeable than ever before, but we're far from the full potential of web video: a day when every person on the planet can express their world through moving images. Video will be most powerful as a medium when it's as copy-pastable, accessible, and ubiquitous as text."

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