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Sep 3-4 in Paris: Foundations of Open Media Software developer workshop

The Foundations of Open Media Software developer conference (“FOMS”) will take place in Paris on September 3-4, 2012.

This is the first time in its history that FOMS will take place in Europe, after 2 years in New York and 4 years in Australia/New Zealand.

FOMS has been a part of the Open Video Conference OVC in the past two years. It is an important meeting point for open media developers building out the web multimedia stack.

If not for FFMpeg, VLC, Xiph, Blender, GStreamer and similar projects, publishing audio and video would be much more expensive, restrictive, and difficult.  Developers of these and other open source projects are building the foundations for our essential communications infrastructure.

Over the last year, huge progress has been made in open source media software, codecs and open standards for media, in particular around
HTML5. FOMS provides a unique environment where web developers, browser vendors and open source media software developers meet and
discuss open media platforms.

This year, FOMS takes place in conjunction with the VideoLAN Developer Days to open access to an even broader range of open source
media developers.

The FOMS 2012 call for proposals is now open. If you would like to see a particular topic discussed at FOMS, you should prepare a submission. A submission contains a title for a discussion topic, and a brief session description.

Please submit your registration and potential session ideas here.

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