The Missing Link: Flash to HTML5

Session Type: Working group
Session Category: Open Media Developers
Session Leader: Silvia Pfeiffer (Google), Zohar Babin (Kaltura)

Day: Saturday
Time: 2:30pm – 4:00pm
Room: W303

Session Notes


HTML5 has introduced the <video> and <audio> elements as well as an API that lets JavaScript control and interact with the media playback. However, there are still many player api interoperability issues between browsers and a lack of functionality in comparison to, for example, Adobe Flash.

After years of experience, Flash has arrived at an Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) as a framework for building robust, feature-rich video players and applications. This includes functionality that goes beyond the mere video playback and addresses issues of video distribution, advertising, tracking, playlists, timed metadata and syndication, see

This session provides HTML5 video player developers with an opportunity to express their needs and explore features in HTML5 video that they are missing. In discussion with HTML5 browser developers we will clarify if these features are already being worked on, are in scope for HTML5, can be achieved in other ways or need to indeed be worked on as new items for the W3C.


This session will discuss potential shortcomings in HTML5 for the practices of monetising media.

One possible outcome could be a list of features that still require standardisation in HTML5, or the design of a JavaScript library that will provide some of the OSMF features in a cross-platform manner.

Other documents of recommendation or best practices could also result from this session.