Intro to Popcorn JS and Pitch Session

Session Type:
Session Category:
Technical, Creative
Session Leader:
Robert Richter (Mozilla), Rick Waldron (Bocoup)
Day: Sunday
Time: 11:30am—1:00pm

Session notes


To developers, popcorn.js is an events framework for HTML media. For creatives, it’s a set of building blocks to tell stories in new, web-native ways.

After demonstrating the current state of popcorn.js and its quintessential demo material, teams or individuals will volunteer their ideas regarding where to take Popcorn next. They will propose either a plugin for their own project, or a technological experiment. Of the submissions, a few will be chosen to be realized, limited only by the number of properly experienced developers present.


The most likely outcome of this session is a handful of interesting mini-projects demonstating an inventive or underexplored use of Popcorn. However, the possibility exists to collectively persue one project that requires the broad scope of expertise available at OVC and in this session. One or more of these ideas will be developed in the subsequent Popcorn JS Plugin Sprint.